File Extension Manager

File Extension Manager

It allows you to modify the extension of any file within Windows Explorer
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File Extension Manager allows you to know and modify the extension of any file directly with right click with the mouse within the Windows Explorer. It also allows you to know the program associated which is opened, change its icon, the information of the file, and attributes. To utilize the software you have to open My computer or Window Explorer, select the desired file and right-click with the mouse, select the option "File Extension Manager" , you will see the extension of the file enclosed in parentheses, ( e.g. "File Extension Manager (jpg)"), then the Main window of File Extension Manager will appear, here you will be able to change the document type of the file within a list of more than 200 different types, at the top is the name of the file and its description, at the bottom you will be able to rename the extension, the description, and change the icon associated to the extension file. If you click the "Options" button you will see a list of changes you can make: The "Same as" option will allow you to select a file to import its type. The "Find..." option will allow you to search a file extension. The "Properties" option will show location, size, when it was created, modified, accessed, and its attributes, here you will be able to modify any of the described options. After making all changes click the "Apply" button to apply the desired changes. Also you can make changes to multiple files by selecting the "MultiSel" option, the files it will select are those within the opened folder.

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  • You can modify the extension type of files without going to MS-DOS. Also you can change the date when the file was created, modified, accessed, and its attributes


  • There is a warning: Some features are intended for advanced users. If you change some critical file type's information may produce unpredictable results or making files unusable
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